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Your body loves you, love it back.


We would like to show you that there is a completely different approach when it comes to physical activity that not only has something to do with losing weight, but also with feelings of happiness. With love for your own body. With balance.
Therefor we have created a very special place where you can shake off your self-doubts through sport. And that you go home with a smile on your face after one of the numerous challenging courses. That you find the drive to motivate yourself and that you can achieve every goal you set yourself.
Whether you are a curious novice, a balanced yogi, an ambitious amateur jogger or a hardened HIIT professional - after a short time a close community has formed at Bodyworkers that not only knows each other's heartache, but also tackles the small and large hurdles of daily madness taking the hand and supporting each other.

Our Workouts

Check out our workout classes.
No matter what your fitness level is, you're bound to find something that blends the ways you like to have fun while working up a sweat.

Personal Training

Here everything revolves around you!
Do you need support to reach your personal goals without detours? Then you are exactly right with us. Let's make a plan together.

Specials & Events

It never gets boring with us!
Discover our lovingly designed specials & events. Let yourself be inspired!

Pilates & Yoga Retreats

Fitness, wellness & relaxation
Enjoy a restful and revitalizing stay at the Naturally Urban Hotel Gerl in Salzburg with The Bodyworkers Pilates & Yoga Retreat.