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Yin Yoga in Concert

a unique and magical class

A unique concert  & yin yoga class that will touch you deeply and relax you more than ever.

The shimmer of candles and the scent of palo santo immerse the room in an atmosphere of relaxation. Listen to the soft and wonderful voices of Ana & Juliette, who sing live for us and play the guitar. That alone makes you float on clouds. Additionally Tina will guide you through the positions of Yin Yoga. You remain in the individual postures for a few minutes without muscle tension. You let your breath flow freely and feel stretching down into the deep layers of the body. Yin Yoga helps against subliminal tension and is an important compensation for stress. Persevering in the positions for a long time helps your deepened self-awareness. You learn to accept emerging feelings and achieve self-acceptance and inner calm.

For 75 minutes you can let go, free from any pressure, let your thoughts go. Be easy. After this unique Yin Yoga class with live music you will feel deep relaxation, bliss and inner peace.

Let us enchant you. We look forward to you!
Tina, Ana & Juliette

October 10, 2021 | 8:00 - 9:15 p.m.

25€ / 10€*

* Reduced price: € 10
Only in connection with a check-in for Sweet Yin Yoga! Please book a spot for Sweet Yin Yoga with a regular check-in AND additionally book the "Concert-Ticket".


Annette says

Thank you dear Ana and Tina for this unforgettable experience. Especially when everyone was singing along to Hallelujah at the end, I got goose bumps. Thank you for creating such special moments again and again.