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A hygienic, super soft towel that supports your training because you can finally stop slipping!
A "normal" towel is much rougher in comparison, especially if it has been washed many times. The super soft microfibers prevent elbows or knees from being chafed during your workout. Moisture is absorbed and dries very quickly thanks to the breathable material. The fabric is very robust and can even be machine washed! Don't use fabric softener, otherwise the fibers will stick together and are no longer absorbent. The towel is light and can be rolled up easily. The format is ideal to cover the entire mat. The silicone nubs on the underside ensure that the towel does not slip during the exercises and that you have more grip on the floor. That makes some exercises easier and safer.

Material: 90% polyester, 10% polyamide
Nubs: 100% silicone
Properties: anti-slip, odorless, light, super soft, robust, machine washable, quick drying, antibacterial, hygienic
Care tips: machine washable up to 30 ° C, do not use fabric softener
Dimensions: 183x60x0.5 cm

Available in many colors. Specify your desired color when ordering. Studio pickup only.

Pilates & Yoga Towel
Pick up in the studio
35 €