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All you can Workout!
We offer 1- and 3-month flatrates. The flatrate is valid for the selected period and ends automatically afterwards. You can use it to check into all of our classes, whether in the studio, outdoors or live stream, as often as you want, even several times a day. Our varied range of classes leaves nothing to be desired. For those who want to join only our online calsses, we have created the livestream-only-flatrate with an extra good price.

Your advantages:

  • No subscription, no contract - the flatrate ends automatically
  • Discounts on specials
  • Reserve spots before everyone else
  • Best price performance ratio


Summer special

3 month livestream unlimited flatrate for 99€ instead of 190€

get the deal!
Choose what makes you happy
Unlimited Flatrate 1 mont
Studio + Outdoor + Livestream
120 €
Unlimited Flatrate 3 month
Studio + Outdoor + Livestream
330 €
Unlimited Flatrate 1 month
Livestreams only
70 €
Unlimited Flatrate 3 month
Livestreams only
99 € statt 190€

Payment options