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Your health insurance pays the fee!
Some of our courses are certified by the Central Prevention Testing Center (ZPP). This means that your health insurance company pays up to 80% of the course fee 1-2 times a year. The exact amount of the grant depends on the health insurance company. Therefore, find out more from your health insurance company in advance.

In order to receive the subsidy you have to take part in the course with the KrankenkassenTicket (KK-Ticket). The certified course series consist of 10 appointments of 60 minutes each. You register automatically for 10 appointments, of which you have to attend at least 8 in order to receive the KK grant. Should you miss an appointment, you can cancel and rebook your appointment. At the end you will receive a certificate of your participation from us, with which you will then receive the reimbursement from your health insurance company.

how it's done:

  • Get your health insurance ticket
  • Register for a certified class. Your registration is valid for 10 appointments in a row.
  • Participate in the class 10 times.
  • Submit our certificate of attendance to your health insurance company and receive a reimbursement.

Your advantages:

  • Co-payment of the health insurance up to 80%
  • up to twice a year
  • cancel and rebook appointments
  • you can attend classes in the studio and online
Get your Health Insurance Ticket now
Health Insurance Ticket
for certified courses
150 €

These classes are subsidized by the health insurance companies:

Functional Circle

7:00 - 8:00 am
with Kerstin

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Fit mom to be!

5:00 -5:50 pm
with Luisa

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Mobility Lunchbreak (KK)

Currrently no classes.
New dates will be announced soon!

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