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Event schedule 2023

11.02. Ice bathing
12.02. The ultimate 90 min. Workout
15.04. Spartan Obstacle Race


SPECIAL on 11th of February

Ice bathing

If you're curious and always wanted to try it, this is your chance!

The ultimate 90 Min. Workout

A best-of from The Bodyworkers classes, combined into THE ultimate workout.

Spartan Obstacle Race & Preparation Bootcamp

In the sprint-distance, a 5 km run with 20 obstacles is mastered.

108 Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskara

Meditation in motion

Bali & Yoga Escape

Do you want to slow down your life, recharge your batteries and go home inspired? Then come with us on our Bali Yoga sensory journey. We take your senses on a unique journey.


Workout & Brunch

Outdoor Workout @ Bavariapark + super yummy Brunch Box

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