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Take your DEEPWORK® technique to the next level!

DEEPWORK® is an incredibly fast, intensive and effective workout. The exercises are ingeniously designed, but unusual and complex. Because the course is so fast and dynamic, there is often little time for detailed explanations during the course. That's why we're creating this workshop to show you what the exercises are all about, how to perform them correctly, what mistakes are often made and how to avoid them.

This workshop is not only for DEEPWORK® newcomers, but also for all those who have known DEEPWORK® for a long time. You will be surprised how much more intense the "Hunter" feels once you have internalized the essence of the movement sequence. And not only will it be more intense, it will also be easier on your back and knees!

A "must" for all DEEPWORK® lovers! Don't miss it!


What you need:

  • Water (no glass bottles!)
  • Towel
  • The training takes place barefoot


Anyone who loves intensive workouts. No previous experience necessary. You should be fit and injury-free. Not suitable if you have injuries or problems with your back or knees, as it is a very dynamic workout.



The class is very fast and intense. Let your trainer know in advance if you have any special needs, limitations or injuries.

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