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Experience an exciting fascia training workshop where you will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of your connective tissue!

This workshop is all about the amazing function of our fascia - those delicate yet powerful layers of tissue that run throughout our body and are instrumental in our mobility, flexibility and even posture. Dive into the depths of your body and learn how fascia can affect our health.

We will explain to you in an understandable and engaging way how fascia works and what role it plays in our body. You'll understand how fascia can cause problems - whether it's tension, stiffness or limited mobility - and how this can affect our overall well-being.

The practical part of the workshop introduces you to the fascinating world of fascia training, in particular the use of the fascia roller. You will learn various exercises and techniques to mobilize, stretch and strengthen your fascia. We will show you how to use the foam roller effectively to relieve tension, increase flexibility and promote blood circulation.

Whether you already have experience with fascia training or are just starting out, you will benefit from this workshop. The knowledge you will learn and practical exercises will help you to improve your physical performance, prevent injuries and feel more comfortable in your own skin overall.

Come and discover the secrets of fascia at our informative and interactive workshop. Immerse yourself in the world of fascia, learn how to optimally care for it and discover the benefits of regular fascia training for your well-being. We look forward to exploring this fascinating topic with you!


bring along:

  • comfortable, warm clothing (no hoodies)
  • socks
  • something to drink
  • Notebook & pen

We have rolls and mats for everyone on site!

Theory & Practice

Sun. 19. November

2:30 - 5:00 pm (2,5 h)
with Marina

45 €

incl. practice script

Everybody should have one!

Extra wide rascia roll

Our extra wide fascia rolls come in three different degrees of hardness and are the perfect training device to self-massage the fascia and loosen adhesions!

At the workshop you are welcome to try out our rollers and the different degrees of hardness.


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