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Don't walk - dance!

In this beginner-friendly house dance workshop we groove together to rousing house beats. Traditionally, house dance is characterized above all by the so-called jack-in-the-box grooves and rhythmically complex step combinations (footworks).
After a short full-body warm-up, we will teach you various basic steps, techniques and a feeling for the groove and dance style, followed by a kickass choreography! Step by step, we will build up a choreography together so that everyone can easily follow along, and finished by a gentle cool down and stretching. 90 minutes of fun, beats and dance!

Looking forward to the journey together!


What you need:

  • Water (no glass bottles!)
  • Indoor sports shoes
  • Baggy pants / loose sports pants / sweat pants
  • Towel
  • Good energy

suitable for:

House dance beginners and advanced dancers. No previous knowledge necessary.

The class is hold in English // Der Kurs wird auf Englisch unterrichtet.

Next dates

Sunday, 11.02.

The class is hold in English
Can also be booked with Urban Sports Club