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Lina was born in Muenster and recently moved to beautiful Munich! She discovered her passion for sport in her youth and has tried soooo many things since. During her sports studies she discovered the passion to share her enthusiasm for sports with other people and started to work as a instructor. Her sports focus is mainly on functional strength training, running, yoga & pilates - she literally sinks into it!

When Lina isn't doing any sport, she likes to be outside, in nature and hike. Besides that, she also enjoys reading, playing the piano, cooking and baking - a real all-rounder!


Sport is for me 

The perfect balance and an elementary part of my life.


Watching the sunrise on Roys Peek early in the morning in New Zealand and feeling the freedom.


Live an independent & healthy life.



  • B.A. Fitness science and fitness economics
  • Personal trainer
  • medical fitness training (A license)
  • Sports nutrition (B license)
  • Functional Training (B license)
  • Group fitness training (B license)
  • Relaxation training (S license)
  • Pilates trainer
  • Endurance training (A license)
  • Coordination training (A license)
  • Performance and Health Diagnostics (A License)

Classes with Lina

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. 




- Albert Einstein