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Simone’s motto is “There’s always time for sports”.
Her goal is to motivate people to make exercise a regular part of their lives. Simone describes herself as an all-round athlete: variety and novelty are the guiding principles for living by her mantra.
Whether indoors on her mat or outdoors with her running shoes, Simone is constantly on the move and likes to mix up different types of exercises in all-in-one total body workouts.
Her classes will boost your energy, increase your self-confidence and help you relax.


the best part in everyday life & the nicest opportunity to do something special!

My most beautiful moment

enjoy yourself exhausted and energized at the same time with people you love.


is a world full of active and happy people.



  • Group Fitness Instructor (B-License)
  • DEEPWORK Instructor

Classes with Simone

Simone is currently not in Munich. As soon as she is back, she will make you sweat again with intense HIIT workouts.

If you want it, you will find a way. If you don't, you'll find reasons.

Saskia says

Simone's energy is contagious and her workouts are always challenging. You can tell how important it is to her to get people excited about exercising.