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1. Range of services

The Bodyworkers runs a studio for Yoga, Pilates, and other Fitness group training sessions. The schedule is always up-to-date on the Internet at
Participation in the classes can take place

  • by payment of individual classes
  • via the devaluation of point cards
  • via flatrates with fixed terms
  • via partner portals (Urban Sports Club, Gympass, Wellpass, MachtFit, etc.)

Participation in the classes can only take place with prior booking via Fitogram, Eversports or the partner portals. When booking via partner portals, their general terms and conditions also apply.


2. Conclusion of contract and cancellation policy

2.1. Conclusion of contract

Registration is required for all courses, retreats & events in our program. The booking is binding once The Bodyworkers has confirmed the registration.

Contracts between The Bodyworkers and the customer come about through offer and acceptance within the meaning of §§ 145 ff. BGB. The registration or booking of courses, workshops or other services and events offered by The Bodyworkers represents a binding offer by the customer to conclude a corresponding contract within the meaning of Section 145 BGB, with the registration/booking being made by e-mail, online place and via the sports market platform Fitogram, Eversports and the partner portals.

Acceptance by The Bodyworkers takes place by sending a registration or payment confirmation by e-mail (possibly by Fitogram, Eversports or the partner portals). Participation in booked events is excluded before the full invoice amount has been paid, unless otherwise agreed.

In the event of late cancellation / no-show, we reserve the right to charge the following cancellation fees:

2.2. Cancellation policy for courses:

In the event of late cancellation, we reserve the right to charge the following cancellation fees:

  • Studio and outdoor courses: If canceled less than 12 hours in advance: 100% of the course fee
  • Livestreams: If canceled less than 3 hours in advance: 100% of the course fee

Our cancellation deadlines apply without exception, so that it remains fair for everyone.
The cancellation conditions of partner portals may differ.

2.3. Cancellation policy for retreats, events, personal trainings, studio rentals and other:

In the event of late cancellation, we reserve the right to charge the following cancellation fees:

  • from 91 days: 25% of the total price
  • 5-90 days: 50% of the total price
  • 0-14 days: 100% of the total price

In the event of a general travel or event ban due to Corona: free rebooking
If the participation is not possible for private reasons (e.g. illness), this is the responsibility of the participant. We therefore recommend a private travel insurance.


3. Class pass cards & subscription

Participation in a course hour can be done by devaluing a credit on a digital point card or a subscription. A credit is deducted from the digital point card for participation in a course unit. The costs for point cards and subscriptions are listed on the homepage. The point cards and subscriptions can be used for all periods of the current timetable. The livestream-only scorecards can only be used for livestreams.
The validity of the point cards can be seen in the personal account. After the validity has expired, The Bodyworkers is no longer obliged to accept credit for unused classes. However, the validity of points cards can be extended on request.

Fairplay: please cancel your place if you cannot come. If a studio space is booked with a points card or a subscription and canceled too late or not used without cancellation, the credit expires, without exception. Our cancellation deadlines apply.


4. Flatrates

Flatrates are booked for a fixed period and do not extend automatically. Studio spots can be booked subject to availability, the possession of a flatrate does not represent a privilege, we therefore recommend booking studio classes in good time.

Fair play: please cancel your place if you cannot come. If a studio space is booked with a flat rate and canceled too late or not used without cancellation, we will issue a warning. Our cancellation deadlines apply. From the 2nd time we charge a penalty fee of €15.00 each. The account will be blocked until this penalty fee has been paid and no further bookings will be possible during this period. The flat rate will not be extended by this period.


5. Payment

We only offer digital payment options. The payment options PayPal, EC card, credit card and ApplePay are available for the purchase of our point cards and products in the studio. 100% prepayment is required for all events, retreats and studio rentals. You will receive an invoice from us, which you can pay by bank transfer within 14 days, but no later than the date of the event.

Cash payment is generally not possible.


6. Exchange / Refund

Basically no refunds will be made. In the event of a timely cancellation, the products will be credited to the customer account for a new booking. Our cancellation conditions apply. The partial or complete return of products is excluded. Credits for unused products are non-refundable but may be transferred to someone else.


7. Validity of vouchers, point cards, etc.

All value cards such as vouchers, class pass cards, etc. are legally valid for 3 years.


8. Liability in the event of accidents, property damage, theft

In the event of accidents and their consequences as well as property damage and theft, the owners of The Bodyworkers, the staff and the teachers are only liable for their own grossly negligent and willful behavior; beyond that, only within the framework of accident and liability insurance. Further claims are excluded.

We offer our lessons as health promotion and health prevention. Participation in the class is a path to health that you are responsible for. Participation in the training is at your own risk. The trainer: must be informed about injuries, illnesses and pregnancy before the lesson. The instructions of the trainer: in must always be followed.


9. Conduct in the studio

  • The training area may only be entered with clean indoor sports shoes, barefoot or with socks.
  • The studio, especially the equipment, the toilet and changing room must be treated with care. Willful damage and theft are reported.
  • We treat everyone with respect, regardless of origin, skin colour, religion or gender. We expect the same from you. Disrespectful or unfriendly behavior will be punished with a house ban.

10. Photo Policy

By participating in our courses and events, you agree that image and/or film material will be created during the course and used for advertising purposes (e.g. on Instagram, etc.). If you do not want this, please let us know at the beginning of the event.


11. Mini pushups must always be performed in three rounds ;)