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Our extra wide fascia rolls are the perfect training device for self-massage the fascia and to loosen adhesions!

Available in three degrees of hardness

  • standard
  • 15% softer (for beginners and those sensitive to pain)
  • 35% harder (for advanced and athletes)

Length: 45 cm (extra wide)
Diameter: 15 cm

What are fascia?
As part of the connective tissue, fasciae envelop all muscles and organs and keep them in shape. They form their own organ system and can send information about pain through the whole body. If the fasciae are healthy, they are in an orderly, relaxed structure, hold our body together internally and transfer the strength of the muscles.

Pain from hardened fascia
Fasciae can twist, stick together or harden due to incorrect stress, excessive stress, injuries, lack of exercise and constant stress. One possible consequence is tension in the muscles in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Targeted training of the fasciae can relieve tension, keep the connective tissue soft and elastic and combat pain.

Training with a fascia roller
In order to relax the fascia and to make the tissue elastic again, specific exercises with a fascia roller help. The aim of back exercises with a roller is to squeeze out the tissue of the fascia so that it can then soak up the fluid again. This ensures relaxation and makes the fasciae smoother again. Thighs can also be "rolled out" in this way.


Specify your desired degree of hardness when ordering. Studio pickup only.

Extra wide Fascial roll
Please choose: Soft // Medium // Hard
25 €
Fascia ball
6 cm medium
5 €