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Become a Pilates Teacher

A heartfelt wish comes true for us!
From autumn we can pass on our knowledge to you and train you to become Pilates teachers!
We rarely praise ourselves, but this Pilates teacher training could be the best in Munich. Lara and Marina put together an extensive training program with 100 units for you. With lots of great extras included! Whether for yourself or with the aim of teaching, this Pilates training will enrich your knowledge!
We are incredibly looking forward to seeing you!

Marina  & Lara ♥

the price 

from 999€

Dates 2024: FULLY BOOKED!
12. & 13. / 19. & 20. / 26. October
Exam: 27. October

Dates 2025: 
03. & 04. / 10. & 11. / 17. & 18. May
Exam: 24. May

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Your teacher

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Die vielleicht beste Pilates Trainer Ausbildung in München

Ready to turn your passion for exercise and health into a rewarding career? Our Pilates teacher training in Munich not only offers first-class professional prospects, but also a wealth of personal benefits for your well-being and quality of life. Immerse yourself in the world of Pilates and discover the transformative power of this holistic training method. 

During the training you will not only learn the principles and techniques of Pilates, but also a lot about your own body. You will develop a deeper understanding of anatomy, movement patterns and the importance of performing the exercises correctly. This knowledge will not only improve your own training, but also promote your overall physical health.

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for Pilates with others, our Pilates teacher training gives you the opportunity to start a fulfilling career as a teacher. The training will enable you to guide and support others safely and effectively.

Pilates is not a short-term trend, but a proven and popular training method that has been around for decades. The demand for qualified Pilates teachers is particularly high in Munich. Overall, a Pilates teacher training offers an invaluable opportunity to not only get to know your own body better, but also to improve your own practice and help others achieve their goals. With the increasing popularity of Pilates and the high demand for teachers in Munich, many exciting options are available to you.


  • Mix of face-to-face and online lessons
  • VoD platform with exercise videos
  • Clear learning script
  • Observation hours @The Bodyworkers & @Lara's Online Studio
  • Practical & Theoretical exam
  • Certificate
  • Recognition by the ZPP (only in conjunction with basic health science training)
  • 1-year membership to Lara's online studio for exercise inspiration

What's waiting for you

Module 1
Saturday on Site 12-8 pm
Sunday online 12-8 pm

  • History
  • Philosophy and traditional movement principles
  • Functional anatomy (active & passive) musculoskeletal system
  • Class structure
  • Warm up exercises and the top basic exercises with variations
  • Masterclass 
  • Homework (self-directed)

Module 2

  • Movement Anatomy Part 1
  • Training theory (training control, motor skills)
  • General didactics and methodology
  • More basic exercises with variations
  • Masterclass
  • Homework (self-directed)

Module 3

  • Deepening and exam preparation
  • Movement Anatomy Part 2
  • Pilates for posture and poor posture, contraindications (posture analysis)
  • Further basic exercises (with standing variations)
  • Masterclass


  • Practical exam (am 27.10.)
  • Theoretical exam (am 27.10.)
  • 20 Internship classes (self-directed)


In order to successfully complete and receive the certificate, in addition to attending the modules, small exercises/homework must be completed at your own discretion. The practical and theoretical exam must be passed. In addition, 20 hours of internship must be completed on your own after or during the training. These can be done at The Bodyworkers, in the FitLara online studio or in any Pilates studio and serve to gain even more practical experience. We recommend looking over the shoulder of as many different teachers as possible.