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The best quality workouts for online participants - with the feeling of being in the room. Train easily from home or on the go - and be there live. Always and everywhere.
We offer you varied fitness courses live online every day. You can participate in our live streams from anywhere - whether at home, on vacation or outside in the garden. Register with us and book your live sports course online. You can easily dial in from any internet-enabled device. We use Zoom to broadcast our live streams and would be happy if you turn on your video during the live stream so that we can be a little closer together. Our online fitness offer makes you dance, sweat, work out or relax, relax, take a deep breath and much more. Choose your online exercise class that's right for your needs and fitness level. We have courses for beginners and also for advanced learners. Get the bodyworkers feeling at home and let's train together. We look forward to seeing you regularly - just book online and join in! No matter when and where, you are always welcome!

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Book your desired course via our online booking system. You can also participate in our live streams with our partners Urban Sports Club, Eversports, Gympass and EGYM Wellpass.

Receive ticket
The link to your online course will be automatically emailed to you shortly before the course begins.

You can easily participate with any internet-enabled device and decide whether you want to turn on your camera or not. ​

Getting started
Let's go! Have fun training.

Diana says

At this point, a huge compliment is due. Marina conducts the classes so well and explains things so clearly. You always feel like you're right there in person.

Bianca says

You do by far the best quality workouts for online participants. You feel like you're in the room with you.

Deine Perspektive

Die Kameraperspektive gibt dir das Gefühl mittendrin zu sein. Lass dich von der Energie im Raum mitreißen, auch zu Hause!

Your technical setup for our live streams:

What are the technical requirements?

You can participate in our live streams with any internet-enabled device. Still, we recommend using a device with a larger screen. Experience has shown that the live stream on a mobile phone is simply too small if you want to see all the details at a distance of one meter.

  • Internet-enabled device (tablet, laptop, PC or TV)
  • Zoom account
  • box for the music
  • mat

You're all set. Let's go!

Music is an important part of our workouts

We always share a link to the playlist in chat or via QR code. Our Spotify playlists are public, please follow our profile "The Bodyworkers" on Spotify.

We don't stream the music via Zoom, so you have flexibility at home with how loud and on which device you want to play the music. We recommend playing the music on a different device than your streaming device, so you have the ability to control the volume of the music and the live stream separately. So you can always understand your trainers and still turn up the music on your sound system.

To our Spotify Profile


We provide you with the easiest way to get fit, for every fitness level - laptop on, sweat and have fun, close the laptop - DONE. And if something comes up: cancellation period for live streams is only 3 hours. It couldn't be more flexible!


All you need is an internet-enabled device and you can take part from anywhere. We stream not only all over Germany, but worldwide and have already had participants in Cape Town, L.A., Hawaii, Mallorca, Singapore and many other great places. So you can do your favorite workout online even on vacation!


We guarantee a high fun factor - cool people, great music and the best coaches. Highly motivated trainers are there for you - see for yourself!


You don't have to drive to the gym, you don't have to look for a parking space or bother with the MVG - just log in and get started. This saves an incredible amount of time and you can use your valuable free time effectively for training. Also ideal if you work from home and want to do a quick workout during your lunch break or if you don't have the time or inclination to change locations after a long day at work.


Training in a group increases your performance and motivation. Our live streams are designed to make you feel like you're there. The camera perspective gives you the feeling of being right in the middle. Let yourself be carried away by the energy in the room, even at home!
interactive live


All of our training sessions are live and streamed. Therefore we can always support you during the training. If you have any questions or requests, you can communicate with us via microphone or chat. We are always especially happy when you turn on your camera and we can see you!

The tariffs for our online courses:

Livestream class pass cards

You are particularly flexible with our cheap Livestream Only points card: The 10 card is valid indefinitely, because all we want is for you to get fitter, stronger, more relaxed and happier with us!

Single drop in €12

10 tickets €100

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Livestream Flatrate

Many of our members started out that way and then switch to an unlimited flatrate permanently or only temporarily. We offer you a 1-month flat rate. Train as much as you can and want! No subscription! The flat rate ends automatically after one month.

Unlimited Flatrate online only 70€

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