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You’ve got goals

and we’re here to help you achieve them

Introductory training

You have no experience in training yet, would like to improve your body awareness and posture and first learn how to correctly perform exercises before you start with our classes?


The Bodyworkers 10 weeks Coaching

10 weeks that can change your life. The perfect way to jumpstart healthy change in your life!

Personal Training

Achieving your fitness goals can be simple, fun, and easy when approached correctly.

Chris says

With Marina, I had the help at my side that one could wish for. From the first second I felt good.

Isabell says

Marina really helped me with a lot of patience and fun to understand the exercises and to improve my posture sustainably. In individual training, the focus is on me and we can concentrate on myself. It was so worth it for that.

Anna says

I was hoping to just get a little fitter and happier with myself. In the meantime, I go jogging, got to know great new recipes and tastes and have a better feeling for food and my body. Thank you so much!

Anja says

Especially for the strenuous but also fun workouts. Through your power and constant pushing, I've outgrown myself. I have never felt so comfortable and confident as I do now. Thank you for showing me what I'm capable of.

Anna says

Marina also gets the last percent out of me. And always in a good mood, with a smile on her face and good music. This makes training fun - even on the days when you actually didn't feel like exercising.

Alina says

Meeting Sabrina was incredibly wonderful! I felt so well taken care of and truly understood. Having Sabrina guide me through the 10 weeks was something I chalked up to 'sometimes you just get lucky' right from the start!

Suzan says

I am so grateful that I had Sabrina as my trainer during the 10-week program. Her motivating nature and expertise helped me understand what my body needs to achieve my goals while also finding joy in movement. I feel fitter, stronger, and more balanced than ever before!

Eva says

Marina is very professional and a motivation bomb! She has a huge heart and yet she is the killer for your lazy bastard. Thank you for everything!

Anna says

You motivated me again and again and put a smile on my face even during the hardest exercises. You believed in me and let me fight. And the most wonderful thing: You were always so honestly happy for me when things went well - even more than I did. That gave me a boost of motivation for the next week.