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Change your life within 10 weeks

The perfect way to jumpstart healthy change in your life!
Marina knows from her own experience that getting started is the hardest part of the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Most people fail because they lose motivation halfway through their transformation journey. The truth is, staying motivated, even under the best possible circumstances, is hard.
It takes a few weeks for the body to get used to a new, healthier and more active lifestyle and diet. Marina will be supporting you to overcome obstacles and staying on track. Once you have completed the 10-week program, you will see the beginnings of true results/see dramatic changes in your body. It will be easy for you to integrate a fitness routine into your everyday life and to maintain your desired weight with the right foods.

At the beginning, we’ll talk about the current situation in your life, your sports history and your desired result. This can be weight loss, gain muscle mass, becoming more flexible or fit, rehab from an injury, or a bit of everything. Together we’ll set realistic, achievable goals for the 10-week program, with a focus on healthy changes without the yo-yo effect. In the first joint training session, posture and exercise performance will be analysed to determine your current fitness level. This information will enable Marina to create a fully tailored training plan. She will not only motivate you to keep at it, but she’ll also show you how exercise and nutrition improve your mood and feelings of wellbeing. The intensity of the exercises will be adapted to your progress.

Basic or Intensive?

You have the choice of how intensively you want to be looked after. In our Basic Coaching we meet biweekly for your personal training. We record your successes, weigh and measure you and discuss the further course. You will receive an individual training plan. With the unlimited flat rate you can attend all of our courses for free and get the most out of your coaching.

In the Intensive Coaching, we meet every week for your personal training and you will be pushed and motivated by us week after week. The intensive coaching demands a lot of your time and commitment. By discussing progress on a weekly basis and closely tracking body values, we have maximum control and can adjust the training plan more precisely.

In the Do-it-yourself Coaching we will provide you with the knowledge you need to reach your goals independently. Detailed nutritional advice and posture training are your kickstart to your self-determined 10-week coaching. A lot of self-discipline is required here, but of course we are always available to answer your questions.

Now it's up to you! Change your life in 10 weeks

The spots are very limited because we want to concentrate fully on our coachees. To apply, write us a message and briefly tell us about yourself, your wishes and goals.

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Intense € 1.490


+ 9x personal training sessions á 75 min
+ 1x professional mental coaching á 60 min

+ Extensive food coaching
+ 10 weeks unlimited flatrate included
+ individual training plan
+ weekly tracking weight, body fat & muscle mass
+ before & after photo & measurement circumference
+ cookbook

Basic € 990


+ 5x personal training session á 75 Min
+ Extensive food coaching
+ 10 weeks unlimited flatrate included
+ individual training plan
+ bi-weekly tracking weight, body fat & muscle mass
+ before & after photo & measurement circumference
+ cookbook

Do-it-yourself 600€

All you need to to it yourself

+ 1x personal training session & extensive food coaching (2,5h)
+ 10 weeks unlimited flatrate included
+ individual training plans
+ weekly measure weight, body fat, muscle mass
+ before & after photo



If you want to do the coaching for two, whether as a couple or friends, you get a 10% discount. This gives you additional motivation and is twice the fun. However, it only makes sense if your fitness level and goals are similar.

Marina and her team will help you achieve your goals!

Marina's glow-up story

Vasiliki says

You are doing great! Very professional and super human. I believe else you could never endure the program. Thanks for your rigorous, lovely, and motivating manner. I hope you know how awesome you are doing this and that you really change lives.

Tamara says

Thank you for your support over the last 10 weeks and your always positive, super motivating energy. The program was life-changing for me, so much has happened. 1000 thanks for that!

Hanna says

The 10-week coaching was such a good decision and has changed my life so positively. I feel so good and fit and I'm incredibly motivated to keep going. I couldn't have done it without you and the whole Bodyworkers team!

Eva says

Marina is very professional and a motivation bomb! She has a huge heart and yet she is the killer for your lazy bastard. Thank you for everything!

Chris says

With Marina I had the help at my side that one could only wish for. From the first second I felt comfortable.

Hanna says

Your program is really a live-changer. You make so many people happy!

Isabell says

Marina really helped me with a lot of patience and fun to understand the exercises and to improve my posture sustainably. In individual training, the focus is on me and we can concentrate on myself. It was so worth it for that.

Anna says

Marina also gets the last percent out of me. And always in a good mood, with a huge smile on his face and good music. This makes training fun - even on the days when you actually didn't feel like exercising.

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