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Our workouts make you happy!

We give everything to motivate you and get the best out of you: Your strongest strength, your longest breath, your most beautiful smile! You’ll get out of class feeling capable and proud of yourself. Whether you’re willing to build strength, to improve your flexibility, to boost your self-confidence, to relax or to cultivate inner contentment - you'll keep moving forward with The Bodyworkers - from the inside out!
No matter where you exercise - in the studio, outdoors or from the comfort of your own home

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Fitness, Wellness, Recreation

Our Pilates & Yoga Retreats

We would like to take you on a wonderful journey and enjoy 3 days of Pilates, Yoga, Wellness and delicious food together.

The ultimate 90 min. Workout

The best of all workouts in an ultimate 90 minute class!

Certified by Health insurance

Functional Circle

A varied circuit training with and without small devices ... and the best: your health insurance pays up to 80% of the course fee.

workouts For every level and every taste

Our workouts

Discover our wide range of classes

english workouts

We do have classes in English:

Ballet Barre Floor, Wednesday 7am
BBP Express,
Wednesday 12pm
HIIT meets Yoga
, Saturday 5pm
POUND - Drumstick Workout
, Saturday 6:15pm

All other classes are held in German, but you can let the instructors now, if you need some translation, that's no probelm.

jumpstart inTo a healthy lifestyle

The Bodyworkers 10 weeks Coaching

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Leah says

I just wanted to say thank you. You are such a great team that spreads so much positivity and joy! The classes but also your Instagram and website are designed with so much heart.

Diana says

Great and sometimes challenging! Every time I am exhausted, but also incredibly satisfied after a lap with Marina.

Silvia says

These workouts make you happy! Rarely that an advertising statement hits the mark so well. I can warmly recommend everyone to get up and visit the Bodyworkers!

Anne says

You are (for myself) unbeatable! Thank you for your blatant motivation, your commitment, your warmth and of course your madness - professionalism and power! Nice to have you!

Diana says

Exercising with you guys makes me as happy as a large chocolate sundae with whipped cream!

We are reallty into

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We are certified by health insurance!

Your health insurance pays the course fee!

This course is certified by the Central Prevention Testing Center (ZPP). Your health insurance company pays up to 80% of the course fee two times a year. In order to receive the subsidy, you have to take part in the course with your health insurance ticket.

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