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We have 5, 10 and 20 class pass cards.
You can use it to attend all courses - in the studio, outdoors and livestreams. The credits have no expiry date, so you are flexible and can decide for yourself when and how often you want to train with. You will automatically be deducted a credit every time you attend a class. In your account you can always see how many free credits you have left, so you never lose track. You can reserve spots weeks in advance.

Schoolchildren and students receive a permanent € 20 discount on the 10 class pass card for the studio! Write us!

your advantages:

  • Discounts on specials
  • Reserve seats before everyone else
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Credits never expire and are even transferable

You want more?

Get an Unlimited Flatrate and train as often and as much as you want with us.

Oh Yeah, this way
Choose what makes you happy
10 Class pass card
Studio + Outdoor + Livestream
150 €
5 Class pass card
Studio + Outdoor + Livestream
80 €
20 Class pass card
Studio + Outdoor + Livestream
280 €
10 Class pass card
Livestreams only
100 €

Payment options: