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Yoga & Pilates Mat

Non-slip and soft towel mat

We have tested many mats and have selected the best for you!
Slippery mats are a thing of the past. In our studio you train on mats from B MAT. Extremely non-slip and very hygienic. We can also recommend mats with a microfiber surface, super soft, moisture-absorbent and washable.


The B [MAT] from B YOGA combines all the properties that are important for optimal training. Made from biodegradable natural rubber, the super sticky B [MAT] leaves no questions unanswered when it comes to slip resistance. The open surface structure gives perfect grip in every position. A small amount of recycled synthetic rubber also ensures a long service life. No harmful chemicals or other toxins are used in their manufacture; this has brought the B Mat an Oeko-Tex certification. With a thickness of 4 mm you have good cushioning on the mat, gentle on the wrists and knees and the mat just feels fantastic! The surface is antibacterial and does not absorb sweat.

  • Anti-slip surface reduces injuries
  • strong cushioning and hygienic material
  • sustainable & recyclable
  • beautiful colors

Dimensions: 180x66 cm
Thickness: 4mm
Materials: Natural rubber with a small amount of synthetic rubber

microfiber mat

The microfiber surface layer is very soft and absorbent. Sweat and moisture activate the anti-slip effect, so it's the perfect mat, especially for sweaty workouts. The more you sweat, the better the grip of your mat. Of course, it is also very important to you to keep your mat clean: simply wash it cold (30° degrees) and hang it up to dry. The mats are eco-friendly, made from biodegradable 100% natural tree rubber and vegan suede topper. They are recyclable, hypoallergenic and contain no toxic material. The mat comes in a variety of beautiful designs that are sublimated into the soft microfiber material with water-based ink. The colors are long-lasting, they won't fade and, thanks to the machine wash, even look as bright as the first day.

  • Anti-slip surface reduces injuries
  • super soft, hypoallergenic material
  • machine washable
  • sustainable & recyclable
  • 2 in 1 function: non-slip mat and super soft towel
  • beautiful designs

Dimensions: 178 x 61 cm
Thickness: 3.5mm
Materials: 100% natural rubber and vegan suede topper

Colors and patterns subject to availability, collection from the studio only.


3,5mm - various colors
Microfibre Mat
3,5mm - various designs
80 €