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A holistic workout for body and mind.

BodyART® is a physiotherapy-based training approach for injury prevention, pain reduction, and joint longevity. A mixture of strength training with your own body weight, stretching elements from Yoga and Pilates, and static holding, together with very conscious breathing await you. There are also dance elements. From one movement to the next, a gentle warm-up becomes a strenuous full-body workout. Thanks to the holistic approach, you will feel pleasantly relaxed after a demanding workout.

Created by the makers of DEEPWORK®, you will encounter similar movements here, but slower and more mindful. It's also a great workout for anyone who loves DEEPWORK® and wants to immerse themselves a little deeper into the movements.


What you need:

  • Water (no glass bottles!)
  • Towel
  • The training takes place barefoot



The class has a medium intensity and is particularly suitable for beginners as well as for people who love athletic performance. No previous experience necessary. You will always find your own physical challenge.

Let your trainer know in advance if you have any special needs, limitations, or injuries.


The class is hold in English

Next Dates

Sunday 28.04.

02:30 - 03:30 PM (60 Min.)

The class is hold in English
Also available via Urban Sports Club