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For as long as she can remember, sport and exercise have been part of Ann Sophie's life and after just 2-3 days without sport her legs are tingling and it's time for the next training session, the next run or the next mountain tour.
From ballet to field hockey and horseback riding to Functional Circle, HIIT and running and recently also tennis and surfing (very beginners!) there was and is a lot.

Ann Sophie wants to pass on this love of movement and sport. She will challenge you and push you to your limits - and at the same time train you to listen to your body and your (daily) individual needs.
Ann Sophie is really looking forward to being part of The Bodyworkers Crew and of course to the next training session with you!

For me sport is like

Joy, power, me-time, turn off your head

My most beautiful moment

To stand on a summit of my choice in summer, sun, wind, freedom and to feel happiness.

My dream...

Den Mut zu haben, all die großen und kleinen Träume nach und nach wahr werden zu lassen.


  • DEEPWORK Instructor

Classes with Ann Sophie

Functional Circle

Tue 7:00 am

The happiness of life depends on the nature of your thoughts.