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Luisa is passionate about helping people connect with their own body through sport.
According to Luisa, sport should be doing you good while having fun. She loves to spend time outdoors, either on her bike, exploring new places, or on foot, with a big backpack on her way to the next mountain peak.

Luisa is definitely an early bird: she made exercise a part of her morning routine so that she can go through the day in a good mood and with a positive disposition. This is exactly the feeling she likes to transmit. To start your day in high spirits, there’s nothing better than Luisa’s uplifting and energizing morning workout.


the perfect way to clear your head, challenge myself again and again and find myself!

Mein schönster Moment

was during a multi-day hike through the Peruvian Andes. After several days I finally crossed the San Antonio Pass, which is over 5000 m above sea level. That was definitely my best moment so far, not only was the view breathtaking - I was also very proud of myself.

Mein Traum...

it is me to build my own tiny house in the middle of the mountains and live there with my dogs.


  • M.Sc. Health Science
  • Functional & Group Fitness Instructor (B-License)
  • Sports nutrition coaching
  • Instructor for Fitness during pregnancy (ZPP-certified)

Classes with Luisa

The early bird catches the worm.

Anne says

I had a trial session today and I am soooooo happy, satisfied and it was a lot of fun. Big THANK YOU to Luisa.

Isabel says

I've been with Luisa for HIIT training for a few weeks and just wanted to give feedback on how great it is. Luisa always does it with so much good humor and variety that you hardly notice how exhausting it is :) It's just fun!