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For me, sport is not only the perfect balance to everyday office life, but also a way of life that allows me to master life with more self-confidence, more energy and a smile on my face. It doesn't always mean going full-on to your limits, but also carrying out relaxed, easy-going units that decelerate from the stressful everyday life. In my free time I like to be in nature. For me, this is the place to recharge my batteries, being it in the mountains, running on the Isar, or surfing in the Atlantic Ocean.

My knee injury made me even more aware of how important a healthy body is. For me, healthy means living a holistic approach in which sport, a balanced diet and mental well-being play an important role. Learning to listen to my body and to live within requires patience that pays off in living a fulfilling life.

I am happy to be able to accompany you on your way (back) to you and to support you in promoting your mental, physical and emotional health.

For me Sport is...

a perfect balance to work out, to challenge myself, to clear my head and to do something good for me and my body!


My best Moment...

was in Costa Rica after a perfect wave, lying in the hammock on the beach enjoying an ice-cold coconut and having the feeling of freedom - without appointments and without knowing what's going to happen tomorrow.


my dream...

having a house by the sea and walking on the beach every morning!



  • HIIT, FT
  • Box-Fitness & Combat TRX
  • Barbell

Classes with Malu

HIIT Warrior Workout

Mon 07:00 PM


There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.