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Essentials & Goodies

Pilates & Yoga Towel

Once you have trained with a Pilates Towel, you no longer want to swap. An absolute must-have for a good workout!

The best Mat for your Workout

Sweaty, wet and slippery mats are no longer a problem. The moisture activates the anti-slip factor in the rubber layer. The more you sweat, the better the grip of your mat.

Extra wide Fascia roll

The perfect training device for self-massage the fascia and to loosen adhesions.

TOGU Brasils

TOGU Brasil weights intensify the workout, tighten the connective tissue and the deep muscles.

Gift vouchers

Make someone you love happy with our beautiful gift vouchers.

Primavera "sleep well"

Good sleep is important so that the body and mind can regenerate.