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Anyone who bathes regularly at temperatures around freezing not only strengthens the immune system, but can also increase their athletic performance and ability to regenerate. Since the body reacts to extremely low temperatures by releasing adrenaline and endorphins, ice bathing gives you a boost of happiness. However, just jumping in is not the best idea for the untrained. The danger of suffering a cold shock is too big. Therefore, Tina will guide you, prepare you with breathing exercises and ensure the right timing. Afterwards we warm up together with a hot cup of tea. If you're curious and always wanted to try it, this is your chance!

Please bring:

  • warm clothing
  • Beanie & gloves !!!!!
  • Mat for outdoor use
  • Bikini/swim wear (or naked)
  • if possible closed bathing shoes

next dates

Sat  18.11. | 10 am
Wed 22.11.  | 07:30 am

  Meeting point: Flauchersteg at Isar


Book Spot 18.11.   Book spot 22.11.


For Tina, ice bathing is breaking her comfort zone and training her mental strength.

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Participate at your own risk