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What exercise do we do? BURPEEEES!!!

Evelyn is an absolute burpee lover. And it's not by chance, because jumping around is in her nature. She hails from the small state of Saarland. In 2018, she made the leap to our beautiful city of Munich to enter the quality management business with her open yet thorough nature. In general, Evelyn is right as rain among people. She strives for harmony and solidarity, your well-being is important to her. And where she feels comfortable, she perks up with energy and power, and radiates all that to those around her.

Sports have always been an integral part of her journey. Whether it's group fitness, hiking, lifting weights, cycling, or paddling a kayak on white water - Evelyn is always in motion, because she loves trying new things and discovering the unknown. Evelyn's good mood is contagious, and she always has a beaming smile for you.


For me sport is like

.... the power to turn 'climbing stairs' into 'floating up stairs'. Make sport a habit, and your everyday life will consist of nothing but jumping for joy!


My most beautiful Moment

For me, one beautiful moment leads to another. Among the top candidates of the last weeks: The Cardio Pilates workout on my birthday when Marina surprised me with a burpee challenge and a wonderful birthday playlist!


To become very old to gather as much wisdom as possible.



  • Group Fitness Trainer (B-Licence)
  • Fascia Trainer
  • Box Workout Trainer

Classes with Evelyn


Wed  12:00 PM

Back & Fascia Release

Sun  17:30 PM

Front Desk

Evelyn welcomes you at the front desk and is on hand with help and advice for you.

To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible again and again.

Hermann Hesse