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Any achievement starts with the decision to give it a try.

That is what Sabrina thought already more than once in her life. After her studies, in which she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in International Business, she ventured into self-employment together with her partner at that time and run a restaurant for 5 ½ years in the district of Heinsberg. Right there she originally comes from - a real rhineland happy nature.
After self-employment she wanted to leave gastronomy and was keen on taking a shot as employee. This actually also turned out to appeal to her - always in her own rhythm and preferrably setting the tone. Several years she worked at various business consultants as executive assistant, and currently acts as project coordinator and community manager in a media group. "Just do it, it could shape up well" was her motto in 2022. So she did her trainers license next to her coaching apprenticeship.
Sabrina has plenty of energy and power to push you to your limits and help you reaching your goals. Her good mood and her ready laugh ensure that you leave no challenge behind and go all the way through.
Next to sweet workouts she loves dancing since childhood. From show dance, aerobic, salsa, and hip hop through to pole dance - she already got to grips quite a bit! Apart from sports she enjoys first of all good food and wine.

In keeping with the rhineland motto "Da simmer dabei" ( roughly transl. "We're in") - you too at TheBodyworkers?

For me sport is like

Step up your life – that's sports for me. Always go a step further, push yourself to the limits, and to feel the pride and satisfaction afterwards. Step up your life - because doings sports is my energy boost and lets me perform better in every condition of life. Step up your life - because with sports you feel great and you develop an entirely new body awareness.

My most beautiful Moment

For me every day is full of beautiful moments, you just need to look out for and admit to them. Every day brings along so many beautiful things if you just engage with it. This is why for example I ask my boyfriend every morning: What are you looking forward today? And believe me: There is always something. Well now, snatch more of the beautiful moments and enjoy!

MY dream...

Someday being self-employed again - and a trip to Bali upfront.


  • Group Fitness B-Licence Aerobic
  • Group Fitness B-Licence Step
  • Pilates Trainer
  • athleticflow Trainer
  • DeepWORK Instructor
  • DAYO Trainer
  • Functional Trainer

Classes with Sabrina

Earlybird Kickbox Aerobic

Wed 06:30 AM

Winterbreak! Back in January

HIIT meets Yoga

Thu 08:10 PM

DAYO - Dance & Yoga

Fri 01:00 PM


Shake & Tone

Fri 05:50 PM

Nothing is more useful than a challenge to bring out the best in people.

Sean Connery