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Our workouts make you happy!

We give everything to motivate you and get the best out of you: Your strongest strength, your longest breath, your most beautiful smile! You’ll get out of class feeling capable and proud of yourself. Whether you’re willing to build strength, to improve your flexibility, to boost your self-confidence, to relax or to cultivate inner contentment - you'll keep moving forward with The Bodyworkers - from the inside out!
No matter where you exercise - in the studio, outdoors or from the comfort of your own home

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Sunday 04:00 - 05:15 PM
Damn Good Vinyasa Flow with Tamara

Thursday 12:00 - 12:50 PM
Ballet Barre with Chris

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Anne says

You are unbeatable (for me)!! Thank you for your blatant motivation, your commitment, your warmth and of course your amazing professionalism and power! I celebrate you so much every time - you won't believe it! Nice to have you!

Julia says

You can't get fit in a nicer and friendlier atmosphere. Marina and her entire team are always super nice and open, there is a very personal approach, so that you feel comfortable very quickly.

Anne says

You are (for myself) unbeatable! Thank you for your blatant motivation, your commitment, your warmth and of course your madness - professionalism and power! Nice to have you!

Katha says

Motivating workouts that will also make you sweat at home. Recommended for anyone who wants to stay in shape during lockdown.

Amrei says

I love the studio, the hard workouts and the positive atmosphere.

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We are certified by health insurance!

Your health insurance pays the course fee!

This course is certified by the Central Prevention Testing Center (ZPP). Your health insurance company pays up to 80% of the course fee two times a year. In order to receive the subsidy, you have to take part in the course with your health insurance ticket.

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Cancellation deadline

The cancellation deadline for our classes is 12 hours. If you cannot come, we ask you to cancel your spot in time to get the credit refunded to your account. You can also cancel at short notice, although your credit will then be used up, but you are kindly giving someone else the chance to get a spot.

Everyone has good reasons for a spontaneous cancellation. It is impossible for us to comply with everyone and even more impossible to decide who has a good enough reason - so we have decided not to make any exceptions so that it remains fair for everyone. The rules are clear and simple. Please understand.


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Waiting list

Use our waiting list, the chance of moving up is almost 100%.

As long as you are on the waiting list, you can cancel at any time free of charge. You will be notified by email as soon as you move up. This can also happen at VERY SHORT TERM, so please ALSO cancel your waiting list spot if you do NOT want to move up. As soon as you have moved up, the cancellation period applies without exception. In the unlikely event that you have not moved up, your credit will automatically be credited to your account again.

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Studio use

Please come on time, and sign in at the front desk.

Please take off street shoes at the entrance.

You may only train barefoot / in socks on our mats.

If you want to train with indoor sports shoes, you must bring your own mat.

No glass bottles in the studio please.




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