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Frequently asked questions

In general

You can do a one-time trial session with us and buy individual lessons. We have 5, 10 and 20 point cards. You can take out a 1-month or 3-month flatrate with us, which is not automatically extended.

You can book our classes via the platforms UrbanSportsClub, Gympass, qualitrain, MachtFit and Eversports.

Yes, you always have to reserve a seat in advance.


As we only have limited places available due to Corona, we recommend that you reserve a place quite early. You have the option to cancel your place up to 12 hours before the start of the class.

reserve studio space now


In order to participate in a livestream, you have to register in advance, because only then will you receive the access link to the livestream by email. You have the option to cancel your place up to 3 hours before the start of the course.

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You can do a trial session with us once a time. Here you can find all information about our courses. If you have any questions, please send us an email to or book your trial training directly via the class schedule or here:

Sure, with a points card or a flatrate you can visit our place for two hours in a row. As an UrbanSportsClub or Gympass member, participation is unfortunately limited to one course per day. If you still want to do a double lesson, you can buy a points card. Our points card is valid forever.

We don't have classic memberships, just monthly flatrates, which end automatically. We think subscriptions are stupid and old-fashioned, but still want to offer you the opportunity to train with us quite often. For example, you can book a 1-month or a 3-month flatrate and train with us as often as you want during this period. There are flatrates with which you can attend all classes, both in the studio and outdoors, as well as livestreams. Or our affordable livestream-only flatrates.

All flatrates end automatically and you can freely decide whether you want to book again or another product is more suitable.

The class schedule on the website is always up-to-date. If a class is canceled, it is definitely marked that way. You will also receive an email informing you that the class is canceled, but this only happens very rarely.

You can cancel courses booked independently via your account or via the partner apps. If you cancel within the cancellation period, there will be no costs, the credits / check-in will be credited back to you. If you exceed the cancellation deadline, the credit / check-in will be deducted from your quota.

Important information for all USC members:
If you DO NOT CANCEL and DO NOT SHOW UP, USC will charge you a penalty fee. We have no influence on that. So please definitely cancel if you cannot come. 

Please pay attention to this cancellation deadlines:

  • studio- und outdoorclasses: 12 hours
  • livestreams: 3 hours


If a class is already fully booked, you can still book and put yourself on the waiting list. You will then be automatically informed by email when you move up. Experience has shown that the probability of moving up is very, very high.

Because it is possible that you move up at very short notice, you should cancel your spot on the waiting list when it gets too tight for you, so that you don't lose your credit if you move up.

If you don't move up, your credit will of course not be used.

You can only be on the waiting list with class pass cards and flatrates. Unfortunately, this option is not available for USC members.

To the classes

If you don't feel so fit after a long break, these courses are particularly suitable: Back & Fascia Fit, Stretch & Tone Pilates or Functional Circle. DeepWORK is a very intensive course, but here, too, there are levels for almost all exercises, so that you can make the course more or less intensive for yourself. The HIIT & Run or Iron Pump course requires a high level of fitness, so we do not recommend this course as an introduction after a long break.

We have described all our courses in great detail here and classified them in the categories STRENGTH & ENDURANCE, STRETCH & MOBILTY, DANCE & COORDINATION, RELAX & RECHARGE, so that you can find your way around.

If you are still not sure, please send us an email to to discuss your individual situation and to find the most suitable courses for your fitness level.


Anyone who did sport before pregnancy can also be active during pregnancy. We recommend only doing light sport in the first 12 weeks, after that you can feel confident again. You can find more information about that here.

We have developed a special course for pregnant women that takes the needs of pregnancy into account. In the fit mom to be! workout example, we do no jumps or excessive abdominal muscle training. It's a fitness class, so you'll work up a sweat and work out your muscles. Since the course is 100% tailored to pregnancy, unlike all other courses, you will get on your expense.

As long as you feel comfortable, you can of course also attend almost all courses that you have attended before. But not all of our courses are suitable for pregnant women. You should therefore speak to your trainer beforehand and let them show you alternatives for jumping and abdominal muscle exercises. If in doubt, please send us an email in advance to so that we can discuss your individual situation.

To be on the safe side, you should always discuss this with your doctor.

We strongly recommend that you first attend a post-natal training class, in which the pelvic floor is specifically strengthened and the diastasis rectus is closed. This is very, very important so that you can fully exercise again in the long term. You can start a postnatal training course from the 8th week (vaginal birth) or from the 12th week (cesarean section) after the birth.

By the way, our fit mom to be! class is also ideal for getting fit again after your first recovery (or parallel to it), for returning to your usual fitness routine. Often with the first regression, the basic requirements for a strong body are created, but fitness is not completely back, or the pelvic floor is still somewhat unstable. Because we do no jumps and excessive abdominal muscle training in fit with a baby bump, the course is wonderfully suitable for new mums to get fit again.

Only your doctor can answer that. Basically, you should be 100% fit and healthy again if you want to participate in power-workouts.

We also have classes that are definitely recommended during the healing process to build strength and flexibility again. Please send us an email to so that we can discuss your individual situation and recommend classes to you, if necessary.

Injuries and illnesses must be reported to the trainer in advance. We try as best we can to respond to you individually and offer individual alternative exercises - but this is not always possible with group courses. Therefore, you should know your body so well that you can take a break on your own if it gets too much. It is better to start slowly, get your body used to the movement and strain again after a longer break, and gradually increase.

With us you can also be looked after individually. We offer personal training for rehabilitation after an injury and have specially trained trainers for this. Talk to us!

Many of our classes, which have a high cardio component, are suitable for losing weight. That would be for example:

To build muscle specifically, we recommend workouts that have a strong focus on strength training. That would be for example:

In Stretch & Tone Pilates we work specifically on flexibility and mobility. In dynamic flows we stretch into the deep fibers of the body. We can particularly recommend Athletic Flow, a combination of high-intensity training (HIIT) and yoga flows. A gentle method to become more flexible and supple is our Back & Fascia Fit class.

YES! Men are very welcome in all of our classes and we also have our own changing room for men in our studio.
The classes are equally effective for men and women, regardless of whether you want to build strength, improve your condition or achieve more flexibility. We are happy when the groups are mixed.

No, you can come to all of our courses without previous knowledge. Our groups are very mixed - from newcomers to absolute fitness junkies. All of our trainers are trained to offer beginners a suitable training and explain all exercises in detail and correct your execution if necessary. Nevertheless, you should be injury-free, otherwise please contact us in advance!

We are happy to advise you to find the right course for you! Write us an email at and tell us a little bit about yourself. We help you to improve slowly and make sure that your posture and execution are perfect!

  • If you have an acute injury or illness, participation is excluded for your benefit.
  • If you have just been vaccinated or donated blood, we also recommend a 1-2 day break before you start training again.
  • It goes without saying, but let's say it at this point: If you are drunk or under the influence of strong medication, participation is excluded.
  • If you feel sick, have cold symptoms, have been infected with Corona, or have come close to someone who is infected with Corona.

here to the covid-19 information

Comfortable sportswear, a towel and something to drink. For a few classes you also need sports shoes, which is always included in the class descriptions (e.g. for Shake & Tone, Iron Pump, Dance Workout and of course our outdoor courses). Please note that the studio may only be entered with clean indoor sports shoes. Most of our classes take place barefoot or in non-slip socks.

No, we have mats for all participants in our studio. These are disinfected after each training session. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own mat, which we would be happy to recommend in times of Covid-19.

To the studio

No, there are unfortunately no showers, but we provide everything from deodorant to body lotion that you need to freshen up.

Yes, when it is 40 degrees outside in summer, the only way to sweat with us is through exercise. The studio is always at a pleasant temperature and is the most comfortable place for your training in midsummer.

Yes, of course. We are happy that more and more men are taking part in our group courses. Bring your boyfriend;)

Yes there is. So come on, guys!

The studio is about 125 square meters in total. The training area approx. 90 square meters. There is space for up to 20 people. With the current corona restrictions, only 12 people are currently allowed to participate.

Yes, classes usually take place with 3 or more participants. If the number of participants is not reached (very rare), you will be informed by email that the course is canceled.

Yes, it is important for us that everyone has enough space to train, so we limit the number of participants. There are different maximum numbers of participants depending on the course. It can get quite crowded in the winter months. We therefore urgently recommend reserving seats early.

You can find us in Westendstr. 100 in 80339 Munich. The entrance is to the right of the entrance to the Lidl supermarket. The studio is on the 1st floor on the left. There is no elevator.

Yes, it can be done a lot faster.

You can reach us by public transport:

  • S-Bahn: Donnersbergerbrücke or Harras stop
  • Tram 18/19: Trappentreustraße stop
  • Underground: Schwanthalerhöhe stop
  • Bus 53/63: Trappentreustraße stop

Yes, there is a large parking lot in front of the studio. You can park there 90 minutes for free. However, the parking time is strictly monitored by a sensor and if the parking time is exceeded, 30€ fines are distributed.

Our outdoor classes take place at the Bavaria on the Theresienwiese. We meet at the stairs in front of the Bavaria 5-10 minutes before the start of the class and do the check-in there. We may change the location for the training, so please come on time. The exact location can be found in the course description, there is also a workout for which we meet in the Bavariapark (in the middle).

Yes, the studio can be rented for one-off events and also permanently. You can find more information here.

We keep forgotten items for a month. You can come to the studio at any time during opening hours and pick up your things. After this month we will donate the items to a good cause.

We have a wide range of equipment. In addition to yoga and pilates mats, we have dumbbells and barbells in various weights, fascia rollers in various degrees of hardness, mini-bands, power glides, TOGU-Brasils and a lot more.
We have blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets for our yoga classes.

To the class pass cards & flatrates

We have 5, 10 and 20 point cards (all classes) and a cheap 10-trip card for live streams-only. In your account you can always see how many free points you have left, so you never lose track. You can reserve seats weeks in advance. For each course attended, 1 credit is deducted. You have the option of canceling studio classes up to 12 hours and livestreams up to 3 hours before the start of the class free of charge. Our point cards are valid for 3 years and can also be shared with family & friends.

Choose class pass card


Yes! At our place, one card is valid for all classes. Studio classes, outdoor trainings and livestreams. There is also a particularly affordable 10-pass-card for livestreams only. 

to the class pass cards

Our class pass cards are valid for 3 years

You can redeem a voucher by sending an email in advance to Please enter your name, the voucher code and what you would like to redeem the voucher for.

Birthday vouchers can be redeemed within 10 days. Write us a message at with your desired course / desired date. You will receive a birthday voucher if you have signed up for our newsletter.

Yes, you can pay with Apple Pay and all debit and credit cards.


EC card, Credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay and of course good old cash.


Yes, that is possible. You can buy class pass cards and flatrates online here. You can also add products to your account directly when you reserve a seat and then pay with PayPal, credit card and SEPA direct debit.


Yes, that is possible. If you can no longer / do not want to use your card yourself, contact for a transfer.

Unfortunately we cannot take your class pass card back. You can, however, give your class pass card to someone else or sell it. Contact for a transfer.

Yes, pupils and students receive a permanent 20 € discount on the class pass card with 10 points. A combination with other discounts is not possible. Discounted 10-tickets are only available in the studio, please show us your valid school or student ID or send us an email to with a corresponding proof.

Yes, we also have classes that are subsidized by health insurance companies. You can find all information here.

From a size of +50 employees, we offer companies special conditions for their employees. You are welcome to suggest us your company and forward our contact details. We´re looking forward to receive your request!


To the partner programs

UrbanSportsClub (USC) is a platform where you can register directly to take advantage of a wide range of sports. You can then train in many gyms in your city and many other cities in Europe. The Bodyworkers is one of UrbanSportsClub's partner studios. With the USC M membership you can check in 4x per month in the studio, with the L and XL membership 8x per month in the studio and with all memberships an additional 8x per month in live streams. You pay the membership fee directly to USC.

Important for studio classes: If you cannot come, please cancel your studio place via the USC app. The cancellation deadline is 12h. You can also cancel at short notice, but the check-in will then be deducted from your quota. However, we strongly recommend that you do so, as USC will collect fines for a so-called "no-show". That is if you DO NOT cancel and DO NOT come. You don't have to worry about the penalty fee if you cancel, even if you do it at very short notice.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to USC bookings, which means we cannot cancel or rebook for you.

As an exclusive partner of UrbanSportClub, we offer you an exclusive 30% discount at UrbanSportsClub. The discount applies to the M, L, and XL memberships and only for new USC customers. To get a discount code, contact

Gympass is a corporate offer only. In order for you to be able to use Gympass, your employer must sign a contract with Gympass.
Your company will then pay part of the membership fee to Gympass for you. This means you benefit from exceptionally low prices (depending on how much your company wants to pay) and you can use a wide range of studios and classes. You pay the membership fee directly to Gympass.

With Gympass you can check in to the studio 6 times a month and also take part in an unlimited number of live streams.


  • Studio classes can only be booked via our website. You need an account, which you can create >here<. We then have to activate your account for Gympass bookings so that you have a free reservation option. Please send us an email with your Gympass ID.
  • Please note: You only make a reservation via our website. On site, you absolutely have to check yourself into the course with your Gympass app so that the booking is forwarded to Gympass.
  • Very important: Please cancel your place on our website if you cannot come so that someone else has a chance at a place. If you miss this 3 times, we will deactivate the Gympass booking option in your account.


You can easily book our live streams directly via the Gympass app.

With Qualitrain you can only participate in our live stream, up to 8 times a month.


Live streaming can only be booked through our website. You need an account, which you can create >here<. We then have to activate your account for Qualitrain bookings so that you have a free reservation option. Please send us an e-mail about this.

Very important:

  • Please cancel your place on our website if you are unable to come so that someone else has a chance at a place. If you miss this 3 times, we will deactivate the Qualitrain booking option in your account.
  • Please only book classes with Qualitrain with us for as long as your Qualitrain membership is active. If you also book classes with us, you will be billed for them.
  • If you are inactive for more than a month, the qualitrain option will be deactivated again.

If you would like to attend several courses or, for example, double hours with us, you can buy a class pass card. The class pass cards are valid for 3 years.

Any questions left? Drop us a message!

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